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SAP has moved beyond ERP

Majority of people who are aware of SAP think that SAP is just an ERP solution, but it is not true. Over the period of last few years SAP is transformed itself. SAP is now providing Cloud Computing and Digital Solutions. Presently more than 50% of comes from non-ERP.

HANA (High performance analytic appliance) was launched by SAP sometime in 2010 and it has been a very successful tool so far. The biggest benefit of this tool is realised by senior management as the provides real time business information which is essential for prompt decision. As we all know that SAP is a costly solution due to very high licencing fees. The cloud version of HANA has resolved this issue as well by offering "Pay per Use" options.

Besides this SAP has also acquired many cloud-centric solutions like Hybris, SuccessFactors, Ariba, Concur and Fieldglass. You will be surprised to know that presently  SAP has more than 200 million users on the cloud.

The core ERP solution is now called S/4HANA. This solution can be implemented within premises or on the cloud. This has come as a big relief for MSME organisations who find it difficult to implement SAP due to huge license cost. Companies are slowly migrating  from traditional ERP to S4/HANA.

Though there are many ERP solutions in India market but SAP is market share is more than 50% and there is a big demand for SAP skilled resources in India. One of the biggest source of demand is due to ongoing "Support and Maintenance" activities and rollout of GST. Incorporating GST changes in every IT solution has created a big demand for ERP skilled resources.

SAP Digital Boardroom which is primarily used to simplify and provide the performance reporting of all the business areas in real time. It has got fully automated business intelligence capabilities.

SAP is also investing a lot of money in machine learning, Blockchain innovations and IoT. I am sure something new will emerge very soon.

SAP is market leader in ERP in India and has got huge potential for job creation. If you are a part of business cycle and want to pursue your career in SAP consultancy then it is the right time to get yourself trained in SAP. 

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