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Which SAP module should I opt for training

In spite of cost involved and complex nature of implementation, SAP is the market leader in ERP. A lot many people want to get trained in SAP to secure their future career but do not know which is the best module for them. I meet number of candidates from various background and majority of them are confused.

Here are few tips for choosing the right SAP module.

1. If your are fresher with technology background then best option is to opt for SAP technical. ABAP, UI5 and BASIS are the most suitable modules for you.

2. If you have some prior working experience in industry then MM, SD or PP can be the right option depending upon your previous experience

3. If you have experience in purchase or store functions then MM could be the best option for you

4. If you have experience in sale/marketing then SD is the best module for you

5. Any prior exposure to accounting etc is good for FICO module.

6. If you have exposure to shop floor of any manufacturing company then PP could be the right choice.

7. If you have maths/statistics background and possess good analytical skills then BI is the right module.

Besides above, one of the most important aspect is your personal liking. Anyone who likes to do field work then SAP may not be a good choice. SAP training is most suitable for those who like desk work and have flair for process management or technology.

It has been observed that a lot many people who do not have aptitude for computers and IT applications, go for SAP training in anticipation that SAP training will automatically open the door in the SAP world. I have no hesitation in writing that this is a wrong choice. Therefore, there is a need for introspection before going for SAP training.

Hope this will help you in decision making if you are thinking of joining any SAP training course.

- RK Bajpai

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