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HAPPY ENDING – Happy ending is integral part of Indian philosophy.

Finally CBI court has given judgement on criminal culpability in 2G case. As expected no one was found guilty and all accused acquitted from all charges. The CBI court took seven years to arrive at this decision. This decision has strengthened peoples believe that our judicial system, investigating agencies and government in power do not have enough will power and teeth to solve corruption cases. It has really shattered India. Irony is that this verdict has come after supreme court has found allocation of 2G spectrum arbitrary and had cancelled all 122 allocations. I am really happy that re-auction of spectrum has fetched more than 1.70 lakh crores therefore all monetary losses have been recovered back.

Let us talk a bit more about corruption.  The corruption has been the key issue during last 30 years or so and people have voted to root out corrupt governments and install a new government. First and foremost major corruption issue was Bofors deal and congress government was dislodged from center. The subsequent non congress governments did some progress but again congress came to power and no one was punished. Even foreign accounts of accused were de-freezed to allow them to enjoy ill gotten money.

Not only killing the Bofors case, the UPA government this time indulged in rampant corruption and there is a big list of corruption cases. To name some 2G, CWG, Adarsh, Coalgate and Augusta are some of the prominent one. In Augusta deal the bribe giver is already punished in Italy but no one in India got money. What an irony.

During this time only massive anti corruption movements started and a new party AAP came into picture and was voted into power with 67 seats and BJP was voted into power with 325 MPs. BJP government took some strong decisions to tackle corruption like compulsory disclosure of foreign accounts, demonetization, Benami property etc but all of these are being opposed vehemently. And finally today 2G verdict acquitted all the accused.

So what has changed in last 3 years?

The new laws were enacted to curb corruption but at the same time it is amply clear that government lacks will to punish corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. National parties who want to be seen as honest party are now openly supporting corrupt politicians and not apologetic about corruption any more. Congress supporting Lalu is one glaring example. Linking of Aadhar with all financial transactions (accounts) is also being opposed by majority. In the garb of “right to privacy” even judiciary is not seen as favouring linking of Aadhar Number. Shiv Sena the oldest ally of BJP is constantly criticizing BJP but why? Very simple Shiv Sena too is not happy with the steps against corruption.

Coming back to main question, is India ready to become a corruption free society. I do not think so.  Politics will never allow India to get rid of corruption. Politics is the most lucrative profession where one can earn billions without doing anything and politicians will make sure that it remains the lucrative profession. So no need to be angry about 2G verdict. New people will join politics, make billions, the unlucky ones will be caught and charged, the case will continue for decades and finally no one will be punished.

HAPPY ENDING – Happy ending is integral part of Indian philosophy.

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